Projects and Links

Some recent work…

Much of my recent work has been with private clients for their internal projects, so I can’t really show that work.  However, these are some of my selected projects from the the public domain that I have been involved with recently…. 

Goooooood Morning VietNam!

This is a custom, responsive, & mobile-first Youtube video website I built for a client.  Some of the technologies I used to build this site include: Python Flask, Bootstrap, Javascript, SQLAlchemy, Alemibic, PostgreSQL, & Nginx.  This site: opens a portal to her massive video library for her YouTube audience of nearly 2 million subscribers!!  So, as she publishes new videos to YouTube, her site automatically picks them up and publishes them on her site. It also boasts Google+ Oauth logins (so YouTube user identities are preserved on her site), multilingual (Vietnamese & English), blogging, and a prize giveaway area. This site has lightening-fast performance:

Think you can find a faster YouTube video site on the web?  Good luck with that! :O)


Its a real challenge to find time, but whenever I can, I try to help out in the open-source community. Check out some of my project contributions on Github! If you are into music & managing your own music library, be sure to look at Picard & the wikidata-genre meta-data plugin. This plugin was completely broken when I got hold of it, but now it makes managing your library genres so much easier!


While working at Cisco Systems, I developed a “secret agent” ( encryption key / other types of secrets agent ) for the OpenStack platform called Marshal.  Marshal can manage “secret” retrieval from any configured Key Management System (KMS) like Barbican, the built-in key store of Open Stack.  Not only can it retrieve & store secrets, but it will actually handle disk or partition-level encryption at VM spinup time, according to a desired conf.  Cisco doesn’t list my name, presumably because I was a contractor, but the code was created by me.  Read more about Marshal here.

Grok and Roll!

The Grok Shop is a project I started back in 2016. Its a technical how-to YouTube channel and associated blog. I have a growing library of videos and blog posts where I practice the art of communication and education of technical concepts. Its a source of great inspiration and huge amount of fun for me, and I have learned more than I have taught.